“The ability of writers to imagine what is not the self, to familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar, is the test of their power.”
Toni Morrison

“Compassion is a verb.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

As editor, teacher, and coach, I am as passionate about your writing as you are! I bring joy and precision to the process of creative discovery and composition and guide people toward greater confidence, momentum, and expressive fluency. I possess two decades of experience in teaching, editing, mentorship, and research, and a broad knowledge base in a variety of subject areas and genres.

I offer targeted instruction to assist adults and young adults with discreet writing projects and assignments, whether for pleasure or academic achievement. I use individuals’ interests, capabilities, and experiences to develop resources, mini-lessons, and exercises to facilitate more captivating, lucid, and fluid literary expression. In private sessions and group classes, we harness curiosity, remain open to inspiration, and attune ourselves to the mechanics and mysteries of the written word. I facilitate conversations and activities that challenge interpretive, expressive, and experiential horizons to explore the edges, gaps, and margins of human connection and communication.

As an editor, I utilize my critical distance to amplify your insights and the integrity of your vision and cast a penetrating beam of comprehension and perspective on your composition. I align my approach with your professional orientation, methodology, disposition, and audience. I specialize in academic editing and literary fiction and nonfiction and provide a range of services, from light copyediting to substantive and developmental editing. With meticulous attention to clarity, accuracy, and precision, I ask questions that help shape inchoate thoughts, unify fragmented ideas, and magnify impact to yield a more engaging and vibrant composition. Together, we create a final product that reflects the spirit of origin and the essence of your intent as its author.

In all of my work, I strive to cultivate empathy, curiosity, connection, and creativity ~ in the classroom, on the page, and in my community. For two decades, I have served in various roles and environments to empower people through creative exploration. Write You Are! represents the culmination of this work and the synthesis of broader aspirations to ask questions, share ideas, and explore the nooks, crannies, and neglected spaces of human existence.

I devote as much time as I can to honing my craft, and pursue projects generated by
diverse streams of inquiry and inspiration. I am currently working on five
Fierce Illumination: Elemental Revelations & Unravelings
Flight of the Beautiful Days: A Chronicle of the Radical Women Who Ignited Bay Area Cultural and Social Movements
“Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Way She Moves”: The Experience and Influence of Women in the Grateful Dead  
Ivy Grows in the Garden of Eden: Letters to My Older Young Daughters
An Apprentice to Words: Why I Write, Why I Teach

I excel at setting attainable goals, providing constructive feedback, and serving as a sounding board to inspire, clarify, organize, and refine ideas. I am comfortable working with individuals in both face-to-face and virtual environments. I meet my clients where they are and help to get them where they want to be through measurable, concrete steps. Throughout this process, I remain open to your voice and to the premise of your work and committed to the value of your vision.


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