The college and graduate school admissions process demands consolidation and concision. The essays present an opportunity to distill and distinguish. Together, we work to demystify and enliven the journey of reflection, expression, and revision. I guide you in a stepwise manner: we dig, expand, organize, synthesize, draft, whittle, refine, polish, then submit.

Our partnership and my assistance is framed by a holistic assessment of your unique story as a human being. We delve into talents and strengths alongside challenges and limitations – all of the aspects and experiences that shape who you are and will become. My feedback is targeted and strategic, drawn from an experiential base at elite institutions from the vantage point of both student and teacher.

I take you from bullet points to final draft, applying both granular and fine-grained attention to scope and detail. We craft for impact, then curate for precision.

I typically begin with a phone meeting to learn about each applicant’s personal goals, the rationale and feasibility of their target schools, and how they feel about the road ahead. During this time, I also share broad strategies and key milestones in the collaborative process. Thereafter, we jointly develop a set of action items and deliverables and rough out a schedule, since there are many components of the admissions process, and it can become easy to get overwhelmed by them. Throughout, my guidance is well-informed, earnest, and holistically-minded to support the intellectual and emotional maturity demanded by the admissions process.

I work as efficiently and effectively as possible on behalf of my clients. I am also realistic about the scope of effort and time required to do the job right and to maximize an applicant’s chances of acceptance to their programs of choice, especially in today’s hypercompetitive admissions environment. I bring a high level of individualization and intention to each client. To build an equitable practice that honors the uniqueness and variation of client needs, I bill at an hourly rate that allows greater accessibility and flexibility for myself and for my clients. Overall, there is no doubt that the course of admissions assistance represents a significant investment in funds on the client’s part and a significant investment in time on mine.

My approach is distinguished by the individualized model of guidance, care, and integrity I bring to each person I work with. I take on a limited client load to ensure that I can maintain the rigorous standards that I have built my practice on and so that I can support each applicant at every stage of the process.

My clients have attained admission at competitive institutions throughout the country, including the Ivies, small liberal arts colleges, major research institutions, prestigious women’s colleges, and the University of California system.

Fee: $200/hour. 

Please note: I reserve a percentage of my client load for people with limited resources. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.