As an experienced writer in various genres, I adapt my style and approach to diverse audiences and platforms. Whether your desired content is promotional, academic, biographical, or informative, I can help articulate your message fluidly and forcefully.

I am versatile in both print and online formats and experienced in co-creating marketing & public relations materials, websites, catalogs, annual reports, newsletters, blogs, and conference presentations. My editorial expertise guides the evolution of content, and my clients receive the benefit of two services in one.

I provide full-scale web content creation and re-vision services. In the first phase of work, I conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current site, considering all aspects of its presentation: conceptualization, language, organization. I prepare a report addressing key findings and major queries. This thorough assessment allows me to identify the editorial and creative focus moving forward.

Below is a global view of project phases that characterize my process of generating and revising web and promotional content. Usually, there are at least 4 distinct phases, following our initial discussion:

  1. My preliminary content assessment and subsequent report
  2. Initial content creation and/or revision
  3. Client review
  4. Further editorial revision (i.e., a 2nd round)

The assessment is a separate entity. The fee is determined by a number of factors: total word count of copy under review, content complexity, quality of current documents/material, and projected hourly output. This is a comprehensive service. If you are looking for smaller-scale assistance, please note that my project minimum for new clients is $300.

My rate is $100/hour.

I offer a free 15-minute phone consult: this is an opportunity to hear about your project scope and needs and for you to ask any preliminary questions before moving forward.

I would love to hear more about your vision to determine whether I might be a good fit for its realization. Together, we can transform your passion and purpose into prose!

Please contact Rachel directly for more information: rosekindness@gmail.com