“Every page was once a blank page, just as every word that appears on it now was not always there, but instead reflects the final result of countless large and small deliberations. All the elements of good writing depend on the writer’s skill in choosing one word over another.”
~ Francine Prose

As an editor, I am as passionate about your writing as you are! I utilize my critical distance to complement and expand upon your insights and the integrity of your vision. I work alongside clients to align my approach with your professional orientation, methodology, disposition, and intended audience. Together, we discover and distill the meaning and significance of your writing.

I offer expert editorial guidance and review to assist a diverse array of clients in developing, clarifying, and refining their ideas and manuscripts. Since 1999, I have offered editorial services in a variety of subjects reflective of my interdisciplinary background in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. I have provided assistance to numerous clients in different sectors: academic, literary, non-profit, corporate, and the arts. I possess research acumen, strong communication skills, and a broad base of knowledge that enhance my effectiveness when working with editorial clients.

Essays, poetry, fiction, you name it: I have helped to clarify and render more vividly my clients’ ideas and voices. I ask questions, provide extensive feedback, and guide individuals through the layered process of revision. Whether it’s a hazy semblance of an idea that needs some brainstorming and developmental support or a fully-formed essay seeking an authoritative voice, I can assist people at all stages of their creative journey.

Immersion in a manuscript demands fluency in a variety of disciplines, discourses, and methodologies. My interdisciplinary background, research skills, and critical faculties enable me to comprehend the complexities and nuances of different fields of study and genres. I regard your work simultaneously as a unique expression of your individual voice and as a contribution to a larger body of research and practice. I am also adept at rendering academic manuscripts into a more accessible form, and I enjoy working alongside clients to transform intellectually sophisticated arguments into readable prose.

I provide a range of services, from light copyediting to more involved, substantive and developmental editing. I am particularly adept at drawing out the strengths of a manuscript and magnifying their impact. Likewise, I am able to hone in on areas that need improvement, refine and streamline the message and its delivery, and narrow and expand scope as necessary. I meet with clients who are in the brainstorming phase of the creative process to sift through ideas and devise a road map for composition. I also confer with people who have already been through several rounds of editing and are still not satisfied with their work. Every manuscript and every client presents distinct opportunities and challenges. As a team, we work together to set priorities, establish attainable goals, and create a final product that honors your intentions and represents your best effort.

As an advocate for clients and their readers, I cast a penetrating beam of comprehension and perspective on your work to amplify your insights and expression. I am diligent yet efficient, attentive and reliable. I bring an acute focus, attention to detail, curiosity, and flexibility to each project and person I work with. I am proficient in a variety of editorial platforms and collaborative mediums, and I am comfortable working in both textual and digital formats and venues. I continue to build my skill set as a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, the American Copy Editors Society, and the Bay Area Editors Forum. I work hard to align expectations at the outset, establish clear time frames for deliverables, and facilitate clear and consistent communication throughout the collaborative process. I help clients attain lucidity, cogency, and coherence to express their unique voices and experiences.

RATE: $75/hour
After an initial discussion and manuscript sample review, I can assess my suitability for the project and provide a project estimate. My services include the following:

Copyediting ~ review of the manuscript’s mechanics to ensure correct grammar, punctuation, and other stylistic concerns

Developmental Editing ~ content development, organization, and presentation; shepherding a project from proposal or rough manuscript to final draft; helping to clarify voice, determine organizational schema, and incorporate feedback into successive iterations

Substantive Editing ~ also called line or content editing. This work entails basic copyediting + evaluation of structural issues related to the manuscript’s coherence, integrity, and approach. This service may involve rewriting and/or rearranging certain portions of the text

Manuscript Editing ~ assessment of overall readability, coherence, and progression; identification of why it works and where it doesn’t; delineation of manuscript’s specific editorial needs

I am committed to bringing my services to as wide an audience as possible, but particularly to those who have limited access to opportunities for creative expression and guidance. If you or your family cannot afford the cost of my editorial services, please contact me. We can work together to come up with a payment plan.

“Never think of revising as fixing something that is wrong. That starts you off in a negative frame of mind. Rather, think of it as taking an opportunity to improve something you already love.”
~ Marion Dane Bauer

© Rachel Rosekind, PhD, MLIS