I am excited to enrich the experiences of and resources for homeschooled youth in my community. Through private instruction and group classes, I create and refine material that is geared specifically to the needs and desires of this population. I offer classes and lessons in creative writing, history, and literary appreciation and analysis, and workshops for young writers. I also guide homeschoolers in the process of ACT, SAT, and college essay preparation.

Though not formally homeschooled, my educational trajectory involved a high degree of self-directed learning, independent research, and “extracurricular” pursuits. I attended a college modeled on individualized and interdisciplinary study, in which all students worked closely with an advisor and additional mentors to craft a curriculum that reflected their intellectual interests and creative aspirations. There, I met mentors who nurtured my love for learning and unique interests and perspectives while also broadening them. The success of the program relied upon student responsibility, intensive mentoring, and a broader environment of community support and engagement. In graduate school, I continued to mold my educational ambitions as I pursued more immersive research, writing, and teaching in the fields that captivated my interests: cultural studies, minority literature, and information ecology.

These learning experiences have shaped my approach to teaching: I meet my students where they are and take them where they want to go. I design curricula that foster their innate curiosity and expand its reach. I am excited and directed by their passion and am accessible, resourceful, and flexible. My background and interests are thoroughly multidisciplinary and multi-dimensional. I have both a broad and deep knowledge of topics in the humanities, the arts, and social sciences. Self-directed learning is my passion, and I continue to follow my interests on whatever path they lead. I look forward to helping your children take this journey!

AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION (I am always adding to this list!)

  • World History, including U.S., European, and African histories
  • World literature: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, ephemera of all sorts and shapes
  • History and Theory of visual and performing arts: music, painting, dance, sculpture, theater
  • Information Studies: history and theories of the media and visual culture
  • Politics, including the study of the practice of government and theories of governance
  • Philosophy, Sociology, and histories of social theory
  • ACT & SAT Test Preparation
  • College Essay focus


  • Private Sessions: I meet with students in-person throughout portions of Alameda, Contra Costa, and Marin counties. I work remotely with students across the country.
  • Group Creative Writing Classes: 

Ages 9-15
Fridays, 10:30-12:15 PM, Bi-weekly
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I am a participating vendor with Valley View/Pacific Charter Institute, Vista Oaks, Visions in Education, and Summit Academy.

Pending clearance: Connecting Waters.

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