“But the imagination knows all stories before they are told” 
~ William Carlos Williams


My mission is to inspire people to discover and nurture their passions and to realize the joy and potency of creative expression. I bring immense energy, experience, and focus to this effort.

I assist both enthusiastic and reluctant writers to find and refine their unique voices and work with authors in a variety of genres and mediums. I offer targeted instruction to help adults and young adults with discrete projects and assignments, whether for pleasure or academic achievement, and attend to people at all stages of their creative journey. I am skilled in providing guidance to those preparing for the AP exams in English Language and Literature and European and U.S. history, the SAT and ACT, and college application essays.

I use individuals’ interests, capabilities, and experiences to develop resources, mini-lessons, and exercises to inspire captivating, lucid, and fluid written expression. I provide clients with concrete tools, provocative prompts, and an attuned ear. Blending alchemy, invention, craft, and artistry, we fire up our imaginations to fuel our creative pilgrimage.

Every writer’s process and workflow is unique. I design fun prompts and review the varied techniques of literary craft as we explore what the generative process looks and feels like for you. I steer reluctant writers toward creative flow in a gentle and gradual manner, customizing my approach to each person’s abilities and apprehensions. To help less confident clients thrive, I demystify and break down the writing process to inspire broader inquiry. We engage in fun pre-writing discussion, exercises, and activities that flex creative muscles and focus interpretive lenses. After pursuing these scenic byways, we return to the page together to activate and reflect awakened senses and fresh perspectives.

Writing is an exchange between impulsivity and deliberation, between flashes of insight and the layers of craft and revision. It is both art and craft: a balancing act that requires resolve, patience, and a healthy dose of alchemy. The dynamic exchange between inspiration, composition, and revision fuels creative experimentation and guides our collaboration. Throughout this process, I remain open: to your voice and to the premise of your work.

I excel at setting attainable goals, providing constructive feedback, and serving as a sounding board to cultivate, clarify, organize, and refine ideas. I am comfortable working with individuals in both face-to-face and virtual environments. I meet my clients where they are and help to get them where they want to be through measurable, discreet steps. Together, we build creative confidence and momentum. Throughout, I encourage writers to explore their world with keen sensory awareness, an open heart, and a firm belief in the value of their vision.

RATE: $100 / session: If this rate is prohibitive, please get in touch. I try my best to support the creative growth of those who lack the resources or opportunity to seek this assistance.

Please contact Rachel directly for more information: rosekindness@gmail.com

Twenty-four hour advance notice is required for all cancellations. Appointments cancelled past this window will be charged at the full session fee.

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore
for a very long time”
~ Andre Gide

© Rachel Rosekind, PhD, MLIS