“But the imagination knows all stories before they are told” 
~ William Carlos Williams

I assist both enthusiastic and reluctant writers of all ages to find and refine their unique voices and experiences. In these private sessions, I help people build creative confidence and momentum. Together, we work to discover and distill the meaning and significance of your writing by engaging your creative impulses and enlivening the powers of your expression.

I offer targeted instruction to assist adults and young adults with discreet writing assignments, whether for pleasure or academic achievement. I use students’ interests, capabilities, and experiences to develop resources, mini-lessons, and exercises to facilitate more versatile and fluid written expression. I assist clients with works-in-progress and works-in-stasis. I also guide individuals in a more generalist vein. I design fun prompts and review the varied techniques of literary craft as we explore what the writing process looks and feels like for you.

I help to ease reluctant writers into the creative process in a gentle and gradual manner, customizing my approach to each person’s abilities and apprehensions. Less confident writers often thrive when the process is demystified and broken down into manageable chunks that inspire broader creative inquiry and insights. To that end, we engage in fun pre-writing discussion, exercises, and activities that help flex creative muscles and focus interpretive lenses. After pursuing these scenic byways, we return to the page together to activate and reflect awakened senses, new perspectives, and expressive language in writing.

I work with aspiring and veteran authors in a variety of genres and expressive mediums and with writers who need more creative inspiration and direction. I assist in drafting initial ideas for a manuscript, plotting its course sequentially, and guiding the creation, organization, and revision of its content. I have expertise in the following genres: literary fiction, personal essays, memoir, academic writing, polemics, short stories, and poetry. I am always seeking to expand my experiential base by working with clients writing in new genres and engaging with new forms. Whether it’s a hazy semblance of an idea that needs some brainstorming and developmental support or a fully-formed essay seeking an authoritative voice, I can assist people at all stages of their creative journey.

Writing is an exchange between impulsivity and deliberation, between flashes of insight and layers of craft and revision. It is both art and craft: a balancing act that requires resolve, patience, and a healthy dose of alchemy. Every writer’s process and workflow is unique.  The dynamic exchange between inspiration and revision fuels the creative process and guides our work together.

As your advocate, I help ignite or reignite and illuminate the creative impulses and insights within you: to serve as a catalyst for self-discovery. I cast a penetrating beam of comprehension and perspective on your work to amplify your insights and expression. My strength as a coach, teacher, and editor resides in shepherding writers through the process of transforming raw material into “shapely fiction.” I can help writers harness their flashes of insight in the service of craft, which often involves the labor of burrowing deeper into their flickering glow. We work together to clarify and organize thinking and to craft writing to reflect that lucidity of expression. Throughout this process, I remain open: to your voice and to the premise of your work.

Writing engages all of our senses and sensibilities. Throughout this creative process we must both court the muse and abandon its shadow entirely. In my work with individuals, I help them learn how to shepherd and clarify ideas from the initial brainstorming phase to the final edited draft. I offer concrete steps and practices that assist writers to find their voice and the most cogent way to express it.

I guide clients through times of blockage or creative silence to release the flow and to slow down when needed to cultivate critical distance and time / space for reflection. In my own writing and in two decades of professional observation, I can tell you that there are three keys to engaging with rather than “overcoming” writer’s block: patience, routine, and, perhaps most importantly, silencing the critics, both internal and external. In my classes, groups, and private sessions, we develop specific practices and techniques to accept and attenuate blockages, and I impart alternative ways for clients to nourish themselves creatively while experiencing difficulty putting pen to paper.

I excel at setting concrete goals, providing constructive feedback, and serving as a sounding board to develop, clarify, organize, and refine ideas. I am comfortable working with individuals in both face-to-face and virtual environments. I meet my clients where they are and help to get them where they want to be through measurable, concrete steps and exercises.

I offer a sliding scale to accommodate a range of budgets, and reserve a set number of slots for those who need to pay at its lower end. I ask clients to select the rate they feel matches their economic circumstances. Although I do not ask for financial verification, your honesty affords others the opportunity to take advantage of this flexible payment plan.
Scale: $75-100 / session

Twenty-four hour advance notice is required for all cancellations. Appointments cancelled past this window will incur a charge of 50% of session fee.

I am committed to bringing my services to as wide an audience as possible, but particularly to those who have limited access to opportunities for creative expression and guidance. If you or your family cannot afford the cost of my instruction or coaching, please contact me. We can work together to come up with a payment plan.

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore
for a very long time”
~ Andre Gide

© Rachel Rosekind, PhD, MLIS