“Art is transferring feeling from one heart to another”
~ Leo Tolstoy

These selections reflect the diversity of my past roles, interests, and skill sets and the tenacity of my passions and activism. They showcase the flexibility of my writing style, my approach to composition and the teaching of writing, and my personal beliefs and political ideals. In my strategic communications, classes, coaching, workshops, and editorial services, I draw from this broad scope and deep well to assist individuals and organizations, across multiple genres and platforms, to address a range of audiences. 

In my slim spare time, I enjoy making art of all kinds. I’ve included some of that work as well.

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These pieces demonstrate the versatility of my writing and the breadth of my creative process and output.
~ Poem, “Souls of My Feet”
~ Poem, “paradise burns”
~ Poem, “Overture”
~ Poem, “phantom limbs and fallen branches”

~ Essay, Using a Compass Without a Map: The Journey of a Mother-Educator, published in Hybrid Pedagogy, 10 May 2016

~ Essay, Making Our Words Matter: Reawakening the Radical Imagination

~ Biographical fragment (for grant proposal)

~ Arts Residency Proposal (Finalist)


In “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With The Way She Moves”: The Experience and Influence of Women in the Grateful Dead, I examine the varied roles women played in the production, management, representation, legacy preservation, and documentation of the Grateful Dead. A precis of the project follows:

~ “Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With The Way She Moves: the Experience and Influence of Women in the Grateful Dead”: Project Precis and Future Directions


These pieces reflect my scholarly work and achievements. I include the Introduction to my dissertation, entitled Between the Country House and the Kitchenette: Literary Excavations of Space and Self in the Work of Henry James and Gwendolyn Brooks; an excerpt from Chapter Seven of my dissertation, entitled “In the Center of Stillness: the Creative Life of Maud Martha’s Interior;” and a book review of Adam Green’s Selling the Race: Culture, Community, and Black Chicago, 1940-1955, published in the Economic History Review.

~ Introduction, Between the Country House and the Kitchenette: Literary Excavations of Space and Self in the Work of Henry James and Gwendolyn Brooks
~ “In the Center of Stillness: The Creative Life of Maud Martha’s Interior,” Dissertation Chapter Seven, excerpt
~ Review of Selling the Race: Culture, Community, and Black Chicago, 1940-1955, by Adam Green, Economic History Review, 60 (November 2007): 862-864.


Over the course of my career, I have written hundreds of advocacy letters and public remarks. I selected the following because they document the scope and consistency of my political positions and social concerns and are not part of compensated workstreams. Although sometimes rendered in an “official” voice and/or in “officiated spaces,” these statements echo and distill the harmonies and high notes that resonate in the varied teaching, learning, and community spaces in which I exchange words and thoughts with others. These statements were all issued during 2022 – I have limited to this year for the sake of currency.

~ Rachel Rosekind Public Comment_Measure X Allocations_Board of Supervisors_2.22.2022

~ Rachel Rosekind Public Comment_Final Budget Hearing_Board of Supervisors_4.12.2022

~ Rachel Rosekind Public Comment_Library Foundation of Contra Costa_Board of Supervisors_June 2022

~ Rachel Rosekind_Contra Costa County Library Commission_CA Senate FY 2022-23_Library Infrastructure Funding Endorsement_Skinner_6.12.2022

~ Rachel Rosekind Public Comment_El Cerrito Housing Element Draft Report_August 2022

~ Rachel Rosekind Public Comment_Agenda Item D2 Mental Health Equity_Board of Supervisors Meeting_8.16.2022

~ Rachel Rosekind Public Comment_Item D4 Measure X Housing Fund_Board of Supervisors Meeting_9.20.2022

~ Rachel Rosekind Public Comment_Office of Racial Equity and Social Justice Report_Board of Supervisors_10.25.2022

~ Rachel Rosekind Public Comment_Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility Closure_Board of Supervisors 11.1.2022

~ Rachel Rosekind Public Comment_Agenda Item D4_American Rescue Plan Act Allocations_Advocacy for Guaranteed Income Pilot_Board of Supervisors Meeting_11.8.2022

~ Rachel Rosekind_re HR 8822 More Social Workers in Libraries Act_Letter to Congressman DeSaulnier_11.7.2022


I have taught a variety of subjects in multiple educational settings. Presented here are two course syllabi, “The Automobile as American Culture” and “Black Literature and the Urban Experience,” a comprehensive curricular unit on F. Scott Fitzergald’s The Great Gatsby geared toward 11th grade students, and a course hand-out I composed on “How to Do a Close Reading.”

~ Course Syllabus, “The Automobile as American Culture”
~ Course Syllabus, “Black Literature and the Urban Experience”
~ Curricular Unit Plan, The Great Gatsby
~ “How to Do a Close Reading” Hand-out


I have produced a variety of brochures, grant proposals, commemorative booklets, and other promotional material for clients in many sectors – academic, corporate, institutional/non-profit, artistic, etc. Included here is one sample of this more targeted composition: a Director’s Brief advocating for implementation of a school library makerspace.

~ Director’s Brief: Implementing a School Library Makerspace


I have created many websites for personal use and written copy for other entities, including corporate and entrepreneurial clients. I include here a site I produced to explore the social and historical context (and joy!) of Astrid Lindgren’s beloved tale, Pippi Longstocking.

~ Pippi Longstocking Blog

~ Stone Creek Engineering Website


~ Moonlit Glow

Moonlit Glow

~ Fiery CastFiery Cast

~ Swaying Sunset

Swaying Sunset

Handmade Earrings
Handmade Cowl
I devote as much time as I can to honing my craft, and I am currently working on five manuscripts-in-progress:
Fierce Illumination: Elemental Ravelings and Revelations

Flight of the Beautiful Days: A Chronicle of the Radical Women Who Transformed Bay Area Cultural and Social Movements

“Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Way She Moves”: The Experience and Influence of Women in the Grateful Dead  
Ivy Grows in the Garden of Eden: A Branch Leaves a Family Tree
An Apprentice of Words: Why I Write, Why I Teach

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